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3-Axis Simultaneous Systems:

Shorten the test time          

  At the same time, the three-direction vibration test is carried out, which greatly shortens the test time compared with the test in each direction.            

Reproduction of Failure Mode            

  Compared with the unidirectional vibration test, the three-axis co-vibration test is closer to the real natural environment, and it can analyze the vibration effects between the axes that unidirectional vibration test can not achieve.            

Constant temperature, humidity and vibration combined test           

  Combined with constant temperature and humidity test box, it can be a composite environmental test system.

Closer to the real natural environment:

Compared with the traditional single-axis vibration test system, the three-axis co-vibration electrodynamic vibration test system is closer to the real natural environment, with higher test efficiency and easier to conduct composite environment test.

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