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6 Degrees of Freedom Systems:

compact connection system, rigid 6DOF vibration using spherical bearings           

  Hydraulic spherical bearing is used to realize 6 DOF vibration with wide frequency range (over 200 mmp-p stroke and over 100 Hz frequency). Clear all the transverse    vibration components, and use K2 to achieve high-precision vibration environment.            

Improving silence          

  With the centralized attraction system, the noise is small, which overcomes the mechanical noise and reduces the psychological impact of noise.            

The experiment started smoothly           

  Compared with the oil pressure type, the electro-dynamic type test started smoothly, and the test can be started immediately after the condition setting is completed, without   requiring the preparation time before the test.

6 degrees of freedom systems:

At least 6 vibration shakers are located in 3D space with

 integrated control and can create 6 degrees of freedom motion (3 translation degrees of freedom and 3 rotating degrees).

In addition to X, Y, Z axis motion, rotational motion, Roll, Pitch and Yaw is also possible utilising spherical bearings.

Using electro dynamic vibration generators, IMV systems can reproduce waveforms which have components in a wide frequency range with a high degree of accuracy.  System mainte-nance is easy.  Systems comprise at least six vibration generators to act along orthogonal axes and also to generate the roll, pitch and yaw components of vibration.  A spherical bearing is used to allow the rotational motion.  By using electrodynamic vibration generators the system can operate over a wide frequency range with a high degree of accuracy.  System maintenance is straight-forward.

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